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2 Letters to the Editor Edina Sun Current:

To the Editor: 

Alice Hulbert clearly shares the vision of the Three Rivers Park District that we need more pavement to enjoy open space.   Her recent letter speaks of “looking for interesting ideas”, but anyone who has attended the recent open houses at City Hall has seen that Park District and Bike Edina Task Force have already chosen their preferred route –  carving a 16 foot wide swath down the course of Nine Mile Creek, which will require cutting down mature trees and destroying 1.9 acres of habitat per mile of trail.

 Ms. Hulbert reports that Edinans request multipurpose trails, but the same survey cited for that finding also reports that preserving the environment is a top priority.   This is a case where you cannot lay pavement down the watershed without destroying the ribbon of wilderness that supports wood-ducks, heron, owls, foxes, snapping turtles, etc.  Those of us united to preserve Nine Mile Creek as a haven for wildlife and a small patch of unspoiled green in Edina believe we have more than enough pavement in Edina.    

We think the answer is not to spend money because until now it has been taxed and delivered to the Park District.   Instead Edinans should talk about setting spending priorities for the difficult years ahead and challenging the idea that the Park District can have a perpetual stream of Edina tax dollars to build more trails.   Creating an off-road trail that will have to be paid for, maintained, and policed is not a wise choice in our opinion.   

 If you want to see what is at stake, come walk Nine Mile Creek and see the trees and the wood-ducks and experience the quiet.   Then visit our website and join us to ensure that the next generation of Edinans will enjoy Nine Mile Creek as a home for wild things and not an urban bike path where the wildest thing to be found is a squirrel and where people are afraid to go at night.


H. Jed Hepworth, Edina

To the editor:

Recently I attended a presentation at Edina City Hall for the purpose of reviewing a proposal of the Three Rivers Park District to construct pedestrian/bike trails, mostly along and adjacent to Nine Mile Creek in Edina. Since I am a biker and live close to the creek, I was particularly interested in the proposal.

The folks from the district and the city were most gracious and helpful. The presentation involved the use of several maps of Edina indicating the location of the proposed trails. The maps also showed that the creek in Edina flowed mostly through residential areas.

It appears likely that the construction of the trails would be extensive and necessarily noisy, but more importantly, that the construction would despoil the pristine nature of the creek area by the removal of a substantial number of trees, as well as the havoc caused by the heavy equipment. Indeed, a lot of other unforeseen construction may be necessary for culverts, bridges, etc.

In view of the despoliation aspect of the construction, and the fact that the Twin Cities has more than 200 miles of easily accessible trails, including over 90 miles in the Three Rivers Park District (which includes Cedar Lake Regional Trail, which is 1.7 miles from my home) it is submitted that there is no compelling reason to establish trails through mostly residential neighborhoods in Edina.

How about making our streets more biker-friendly?

Richard C. Johnson Edina



We welcome your letters and editorials in support of our efforts to stop the proposed bike path along Nine Mile Creek in Edina. If you would like your letter posted above please send either a word document or preferably a .PDF file to us at Friends of 9 Mile Creek (simply click on the text to send an e-mail)