The Proposed Regional Trail will run through the City of Edina along 9 Mile Creek. Because the Creek area is considered to be "high quality wetlands" it is no longer feasible to have a paved trail. All areas that follow the Creek will be BOARDWALKS made from wood rather than a paved trail at ground level. This poses serious access, noise, and ongoing maintenance issues. Depending on specific areas this boardwalk could be as high as 12 feet - 6 feet higher than the tallest fence per Edina city ordinances. The estimated cost of building this elevated trail is $20 Million and requires the City of Edina to permanently lease this parkland to Three Rivers Park District. If built, it will destroy countless mature trees & wildlife along the Creek. It will jeopardize endangered species The Blanding's Turtle currently living in the Creek, & the wetlands surrounding it.

Three Rivers PD has approved the Trail along the Nine Mile Creek and is trying to procure Legacy funds. We encourage you to contact state lawmakers to discourage this.

Please help us PRESERVE this
amazing ribbon of wilderness!

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